Comments from our customers:
At Spraybake we have found working with Eton Contracting Solutions Ltd a rewarding experience.
Eton has proved a reliable, highly qualified and professional partner in providing electrical services and installation to the Spraybake projects Division.
They are experienced and diligent at working on Ministry of Defence sites and are disciplined in their attitudes to safe working.
These attributes were witnessed at a high value surface finish Spraybake project for the MOD in North London. The MOD manager stated that "Eton had done an excellent job and their electrical test documentation and schematics are first class". Eton has also provided support and electrical installation to Spraybake at MOD sites throughout the UK and abroad. Information on Spraybake products can be found at www.spraybake.co.uk 
Phil Grocott
Managing Director, Spraybake
Having moved to larger premises, Eton Contacting Solutions Ltd worked successfully with CWG Choices Ltd. A number of important projects were required to transform our new factory and offices to suit our operational and manufacturing needs. The excellent support that we received for Eton Contraction Solutions team meant that all installations were carried out professionally, to a high standard, within budget and to the agreed programme. Their independent and technical advice on all matters was greatly appreciated too.
Valentine Smith
Site Manager, CWG Choices Ltd